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I was bitten 3 years ago in Saint Martin. I was asleep and I felt like a stinger needle trying to insert in my leg I moved so it wouldn't bit me but as I was moving it bit me hard. I got up and remove the sheets but did not see anything. well I went back to sleep and I started feeling extreamly bad. My heart be went very fast I thought that was going die. The only thing I could do is try to stay calm. I litteraly thought I was going to die. then 2 days later when I came back I couldn't walk right. I felt that something was inside my leg. for weeks I had trouble walking. its been several years but I still feel something in there it doesn't move anymore but from time to time it hurts. I tried going to infectues disese doctors but they did not admitted me. the closest tropical doctor is in Houston 7 hours away. please help I  hope you have an answer.


There are no insects that do exactly what you describe so I think the symptoms in your leg may not be related what you felt several years ago in St. Martin. The only way to be certain is to see an MD. I think any MD should be able to diagnose if an insect bite is responsible, no need to see a tropical medicine specialist.

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