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the tiny tiny things
the tiny tiny things  
Came home from work yesterday and noticed something odd on an empty wine bottle that was on the kitchen counter.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed what I thought was dust, was actually moving.

It really freaked me out as I started to look for the source, as I also saw them on the kitchen sink faucet and on the coffee maker.  I tracked the source to an older bag of dog treats that someone forgot to zip close, which was sitting next to the empty wine bottle.  There were, what looked like thousands of these things, on the top of the dog treat bag.  I put that bag in a zip lock bag and tossed it and proceeded to clean/disinfect the kitchen counter and everything on it.

So, what the heck are these things, and should I be worried about not disposing/killing them all?


Hi Victor I can't make them out from the photo but since you found them with the dog treats I am quite sure they are pantry pests, probably dermestid beetle larvae. You have done the correct thing but be sure to check all you opened packages of dried foods in your cupboards

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