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cocoon found in loft
cocoon found in loft  
hi my friend in the uk has found this in her loft. she said it is about 10cm x 4cm. do you have any idea what it is please?

Hey Emma!

Thanks for the ID question!
WOW that is large! Cocoon or pupae that is the question?

This is what looks like to be a pupa stage of a large beetle. The only way to know more is to dissect the pupa or cocoon shell, and we do not want to damage the creature. Though if you do not mind then dissect it! Then we will be able to positively ID it.

These stages are terrible for ID purposes! If you want to know more dissect the critter or wait until it hatches! I would love to see more if you do which ever option you choose.

I hope this was helpful. If you want more information of time duration for incubation periods I can provide more for you!


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