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clear bugs
clear bugs  

black bugs
black bugs  
I have found these bugs in several areas in my home.
They seem to be on the walls and around patches of mould. I have found them behind pictures on the wall and also near windows and on my curtains. Can you please identify them for me and give me an idea of how it is best to get rid of them?
most of the bugs are the clear bugs in the first picture but there are a few of the black bugs aswell. Im not sure if they are related.

Hey Gill!

Thank you for your questions and photos!
These are what looks to be barkflies or booklice!
They are very tiny in size like you measured.

Barkflies or Booklice are classified in the order Psocoptera and one of the least recorded insect groups. They are numerous in Britain, Ireland, and other surrounding areas. There is still a great deal of research being done on the creatures. There are two distinct groups: species that occur outdoors (the barkflies) and those that are only recorded indoors (the booklice).

The best way to get rid of them is to get a basic knockdown aerosol spray(for bees, roaches, beetles) and also a basic broad spectrum defense insecticide. This will eliminate the current population and prevent any reemerging populations.

Hope this helps!
My thanks

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