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I have noticed that some unknown insects are crawling on the walls in my kitchen pantry and the walls near my kitchen cabinets. These insects are quite small and seem to move quickly. They seem to have two antennae and look to be a light brown or beige color. They have not invaded the food in my pantry, in fact they do not seem to be eating anything just crawling on the walls. They seems to congregate together at times on the walls (a good number of them). They seem to move in a single line at times, like they are following a path up the wall or across the wall. Sometimes they look confused. I had a difficult time taking pictures of them because they move fast. I am sorry that the picture is not clearer. I thought they might be spring tails but everything I read about them is that they like to be near moisture like a kitchen sink. While I have seen these insects crawl on my countertops at times, they have not been in the sink that I can remember. I am seeing them mostly in the pantry and on the walls near the pantry (crawling up near the tops of the kitchen cabinets). I have tried to follow their path and it seems to be to the top of the kitchen cabinets. I appreciate you taking my question. Thank you.


I can't see much detail but the shape and color (and your description) is correct for booklice (psocids). These are not related to true lice and do not bite. They are often associated with damp, moldy conditions and were once pests in old libraries, hence the common name. My guess is you've got some dampness/mold somewhere in the kitchen. Once you locate the mold and remove the source the psocids should go away. Generally no treatment is needed.

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