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hello. i hope you cn help also to identify some Euro-Asian bugs. these photos were taken the previous week in the hills east of the Carmel, Israel. the first i suppose, of the Cerambycidae fanilia (may be some Agapanthia?). its body length is some two and half to three cm.
the second is tiny, few mm long.
could their species or genus may be identifyed?
thank you

Hey Eitan!

Thank you for the great picture!
At first I thought is was a longhorn beetle from the Cerambycidae family which your were spot on! This species has an odd coloration which lead me to finding this genus species: Agapanthia kirbyi. So you are correct in your guess it is a flat-faced longhorn beetle!

The second is a weevil or bark beetle. I cant see the head of the coleopteran but i can tell by the fuzzy shell it is a weevil possible the genus Anthonomus or Hypera, and I would say the family Curculionidae.

My thanks!

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