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Hi. My name is Doug and back in November during fall my dad and I has seen 2 or 3 but no more of these spiders which we can't identify. Maybe you can tell us what kind of spider this is. It is small and the color is black but it seems to have some tiny orange areas like a orange dot or circle or two on its back. I have 2 pictures I will gladly share with you. this guy was seen in my bedroom on the wood floor near my bed. So take your time and do all the research you need and get back to us whenever you have the answer. We have been wondering what kind of spider this is? If it helps I will tell you that I live in the state of Connecticut.

Hey Douglas!

Thank you for the images! The orange spots on the abdomen are a common marking of the bold jumping spider! They are clearly harmless! They are drawn to hunting bugs, shelter & warmth from your home, and water.

The bold jumping spider, (Phidippus audax) is a common predator of many crop pests, including boll weevils, spotted cucumber beetles, bollworms, cotton leaf worm, fall webworm, cotton fleahopper, lygus bugs, stink bugs, three-cornered alfalfa hoppers, leafhoppers, sorghum midges, mosquitoes, and many more! This species is variable in size and color. Individuals average around 0.5 inch long.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the great ID post.
My thanks

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