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We have both lady bugs and stink bugs occasionally flying around our house. Even though this has been an exceptionally cold winter
every day around 2 pm.a strong smell invades the main floor of our house.I cant pinpoint exactly where its coming from. Some times it smells like burning plastic a pretty acrid smell.It lasts a couple of hours and goes away when the sun gets low in the sky.My wife thinks this might be from lady bug or stink bugs getting warmed up. The whole back of our house is in direct sun in the afternoon.We have already checked all our electronic devices and combustible areas and no smell.Any suggestions?

Hi William
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The odor from ladybugs is very subtle and I do not believe you are smelling stinkbugs. You have to pickup a stinkbug and hold it by your nose to smell anything. The stinkbug occurring in large numbers at this time is the Brown Marmolated stinkbug and they do not carry a strong odor. Therefore I cannot tell you anything about what you are smelling.

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