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QUESTION: I went out the front yard to clean the dead brush and brought in an insect.  Then I got bites, crawling over over me at night in bed, driving in the car and at the office.  Sometimes got an instant pinch bite.
Whenever I walk to the place I feel the insect tinkling on my feet.

It is more active at night when driving in the car.
When I walk to the office, it immediately moves to my legs when I put my legs down on the carpet.  
I thought I got bird mites since I saw bird nest outside my house in the roof.  The pest control guys sprayed inside my house with Tartar, Suspend insecticide and even fog but no help.  The only thing I saw is helpful using the flea powder on the carpet and able to make them less active so that I can sleep at night.  Spraying vinegar also help.

If I go to new place, it feels better but I still feel the insect hide inside my clothes
In my house, only me and my wife experienced the above but no my 2 children.

But I caught a few of the insects on 1 day and the other day when I walk into the sun (it comes out).  I took the insect to vector control department and they identified it as thrips. It can be brown or black.

Is the above caused by thrips and how I get rid of them?

Please help.

ANSWER: Hey Tim!

If they were ID'd as thrips then the key thing to note is they do not bite people. They feed on plant matter. They would be unable to thrive without a plant to eat and they lay eggs in the leaves of plants. (more in depth below)

Thrips (Thysanoptera), also known as thunderflies, storm flies, corn lice, or thunderbugs, are very small insects, only 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long. Since they’re so small, it can be hard to know what a thrip looks like. They can be yellow, brown or black with fringed wings. The adults insert eggs into leaf tissue, where the eggs hatch in a few days. The nymphs feed on tissue for four or five days, then pupate in the soil before emerging as adults after two days, where they begin feeding on plant tissues.

They have products like talstar and demand cs that are used to control them and more.
I would purchase glue boards so you can catch a few on it and photograph them. I would visit do my own pest control. They have alternative products that you haven't already tried that might work great!

I would vist:
or call them at 866-581-7378

Unfortunately without seeing the bugs I have a feeling that these are fleas! I am not bashing on the other guys who ID'd the thrips but if the flea powder worked then you need a flea kit to stamp these fleas out. Remember that the eggs are protected from pest control. So you have to make sure they hatch and that you prevent the life cycle from completing with a IGR!

Again I would visit they have a plan for you and guide as well as videos.

Or call them!

I promise you that only thing that can resist treatments that you have paid for is and are fleas.

Please ask more if you need to!

My thanks


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Flea don't crawl very fast.  I saw them crawling very fast on my clothes and also fly. Their bites are small and sometimes like a cut.  I have multiple flea catcher with light and did not see any on the trap. I sprayed flea liquid bought from petsmart and no use.  Even the pest control guy sprayed suspend SC and Taltar inside the house 2 times and no help.
The county identified the sample I caught as a predatory thrips. Based on what you said, how come the insect I have only recognized me and my wife but not following my kids.  I sprayed a lot of insecticide outside the house as well.  I even bombed my car 2 times and no use.  I applied tea tree oil everytime after I take shower.  I took shower 3 times a day.
Please help.

I would still go to an get a strong knock down spray and a strong insecticide. I would perform one more treatment to be safe. I would follow the instructions specifically! I am not sure what to say about the thrips preying on you. This is a first in my experience. Pictures would really help me confirm. I would clean everything super good. The population is holding up somewhere if they can continue to bother your family.

Hope this helps.
My thanks

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