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We live in San Diego, CA and have found a few of these bugs in our bed over the last week. Size is slightly smaller than a grain of rice.  Appear to be black/gray in color, and appears to be only a body and wings, no head or legs that I can see.  I've attached 2 pictures, not sure how much they will help as the bug is very tiny.

Carpet beetles
Carpet beetles  
Hey Walter!

This appears to be a carpet beetle. They are very tiny, and legs and head are hard to see when tucked into the body.

There are several kinds of carpet beetles such as the varied carpet beetle, black carpet beetles, and common carpet beetles.

The adult beetles are black with white, brown, and dark yellow scales in an irregular pattern(mixture of all these or just a few). These scales can wear off and older adult beetles look solid black or dark brown.

They are about a tenth of an inch long. Mature larvae are the same length, but look very different. They have light and dark stripes with tufts of dark hair covering their bodies. They are wider towards the front of their bodies and taper towards the back.
They do not bite, but they have stiff hairs on the larvae so they may cause irritation. They can be found in any type of fabric. The adults are common outside, and the larvae are more common indoors.

Hope this helps!
My thanks

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