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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/vinegaroon and millipede


QUESTION: Would they be able to live in the same terrarium?

ANSWER: Hu nancy
whip scorpions prey on millepedes and hunt at night. A millepede might be able to avoid a vinegaroon for a while but would not count on it

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QUESTION: Thanks....what do you think I could put in with the vinegaroon?  Not much I bet.

ANSWER: I kept terrariums during my high school teaching years and had carniverous as well as as herbivorous insects. Vinegaroons cannot penetrate the shells of beetles with their jaws but i am not sure about the acetic acid. So you might think about using ground beetles or darkling beetles.. Both are herbivores and scavengers. I kept rove beetles and tiger beetles but they would eat vinegaroons.
 Just out of curiousity, how did you become interested in these strange arachnids and how do you collect them. I have never done so

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QUESTION: I have some Feigning death beetles (also known as ghost beetles) ...three of them....but I love them and am scared to try and add them to the vinegaroon cage. I should just keep them separate but combining would save room. haha

I just like keeping different insects/spiders. They fascinate me. Worked in an insect lab last year.

I am mixed up with your common names here. The term ghost beetles refers to the Tiger beetles (Cincindelidae) while death feigning beetles are Darkling beetles (TENEBRIONIDAE)the most magnificant are the Blue death beetles. Is this what you have?
 Darkling beetles are vegetarians and scavenger while Tiger beetle are serious prdators. My guess is that if you used beetle larvae like mealworms, the whip scorpion and tiger beetles would both feed on the mealworms instead of each other.
I feed my spider and a bearded dragon superworms (ground beetle larvae) They might fit into you insect ecosystem.
 Is a pleasure talking with you. I have been picking up bugs since I could walk and I require collections with my college classes in ecology

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