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the worm from handpump
the worm from handpump  
hi i am doctor dhruv mamtora. assistant professor department of microbiology from govt. medical college from maharashtra.
i have image of a worm which was red pink colored, associated with handpump and isolated from water which came for testing in the lab.
so we have the doubt about the worm that what it can be so better we thought to ask an expert in the field of entemology,
if it is dracunculus then it will be the problem as it is eradicated from india. so pl. guide and it is not earth worm as it is very slender.

Dear Dr Dhruv,

Thank you for writing in. I am sorry to say that it is hard to identify this worm. From the picture, I can say that it is not an insect larva. You may want to seek expert opinion in the field of parasitology. Ideally, you may send a specimen to Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Pune (zsi.gov.in/regional_centres/wrc_pune.html‎).

As far as my knowledge with Dracunculiasis is concerned, I believe that it is spread only in presence of stagnant pools often used by people. Since it has been officially eradicated from India, an opinion from an expert from a government-run institution would be better.

Apologies for such a late response.


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