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Will (Ectopamine) which contains oils of lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, lemon grass and vanillin kill fleas, eggs and ticks on cats and is it safe when used topically as a drop between shoulder blades. I would like to use it in lieu of a chemical composition to control these pests. I realize you are not a vet but you do know if these ingredients kill fleas eggs and ticks. Thank you. Do you know if there are any hazards to cats and people when using these igredients...have they been well tested, long term effects, and documented and by whom.  What if the cat licks it off. Any professional advice is appreciated.

I have never used natural flea remedies but I do know that Ectopamine is suggested by vets and it contains and. Lemongrass and cedartwood oil are listed as ingrediants in some natural flea repellants. Oils can kill insects but I suspect thbat the ingrediants in Ectopamine are flea repellants rather then flea killers. I believe Ectopamine is used as a spray rather then adding a drop. Cats will lick anything off of course and nothing in these ingediants is harmful. I can only suggest that you try Ectopamine or you can purchase a product called Evolv

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