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This was found 4/20/14 in Mt. Airy, PA in a cat's
water dish. Would love to have confirmation that it is
NOT a tick.  Besides the scanning, one more bit of info is
that when I disposed of it just now (24 hours after removing
from water), it crumbled completely in a tissue with no
real pressure.  I would expect a tick to be sturdier.

Thanks for your help.

Dear Dale,

Thank you for writing in. I can assure you that it is not a tick. From the photographs you provided, I can discern segmented antennae, 6 legs, and what appears to be crushed elytra. These two could be beetles. I'm hazarding a guess that they could belong to the vast family of Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae), but I am not certain. However, they certainly are not ticks nor flea.

I hope this helps.


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