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I am going insane with this issue. My 2 yr old son wakes up for the past 9 months w bug bugs all over Gus body. They are red and sometimes form a brown thing and itch him like crazy. I found the bug and it looks tiny and brown and it jumps. At first I thought it was body lice so I had him treated and it came back. I though it was bed bugs so I changed the mattress but the bug is still here.
I hope you can help me. I even had my house fogged with no luck I attached a photo

The photo is too small and blurry to see.  Catch some of these bugs, alive, in a Ziplock bag and take them to your doctor, you county health office or to the medicine or biology department of your local university.  If you have a fairly new cell phone camera, you can take a close-up shot which shows a lot of detail and isn't blurry.

Once you know what they are, then you know what to do next.  Good luck.  

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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