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biting fly  

Im hoping you can help me. I live in Edwards Colorado(rocky mountain) for the past year my children and I have been getting bit. I have had 3 different exterminator to my home and they have found nothing! I will tell you we have 2 large wasps nest attached to my condo.( over a year)
I have found all kinds of flies. I believed it was a no see um, however the pest control people said they cant live in this altitude. They might me so sort of wasp? Please help:(

I wish I could help you Jeannie but if three different exterminators have actually  inspected your home and found nothing there is little I can tell you. I will say that there is a big difference between a bite and the sting of a wasp so I doubt that these are bee stings. With regard to the pictures you sent me, I do not recognize the insect as a biting fly. Have you seen this insect biting you. The larvae photo you sent does not resemble any insect larvae.
 In view of the facts you have given me I think it would be a good idea to consult a Dermatologist about the bites as this could be an allergic reaction not related to insects at all.

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