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Magnified bug
Magnified bug  

Bugs (2) on counter
Bugs (2) on counter  
I have been finding what I had first thought might have been termite droppings on my bathroom counter.  I had just taken a picture and was able to look more closely and noticed that these are bugs. I believe they are dead, since they don't move. What could they be? I have only noticed them on my bathroom counter when I wake up in the morning mostly. I notice several behind my lotion bottle (in the corner of my bathroom counter) under my night light. Is there any way to identify them? They are so tiny! Like a crumb.
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These are called psocids or booklice, they are not related to true lice and do not bite. They are often associated with damp, moldy conditions so you'll want to check for a water leak. Otherwise they are harmless. Once the area is dry they will go away.

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