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There are these flat round really thin bugs that I've found near my desk and bed area. They're grey coloured. Please help identify what these bugs are and how do I get rid of them. I usually take them on a piece of paper and put them out of the room. Attaching an image for you to see as well.
Thank you.

Dear Aditya,

The photographs are too small and the bug is not clear in them. But from the pic "bug1" I am hazarding a guess that it is a Bedbug. Your description that they are flat, round (did u mean oval?), and thin. Even the location - desk and bed-area, is ideal for Bedbugs to be found in.

They are parasites, feeding on blood especially when we sit or sleep. Fortunately no diseases have been recorded in India which are spread by bedbug bites - but they are a menace nonetheless.

A better magnified picture will certainly help in confirming whether this is indeed the bedbug.

You may also want to undertake a pest control programme - there are plenty in cities and you can find them online.

More on bedbugs- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bed_bug

I hope this helps.


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