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Up close bug on wall
Up close bug on wall  
QUESTION: I have seen these small brown bugs in my apartment in Texas. I first saw one on my bed. Then 2 on the arm rest of my sofa. Just saw one on my bathroom wall. Only see one at a time. Brown with a lighter tan color in middle of back (hard to see in pic) Only seen the 4 bugs in a few weeks but what are they? Seem to be traveling around. I see them crawl but thats it. I have 2 dogs and I'm starting to get concerned.I haven't noticed any bite marks though.

ANSWER: Michelle,

The picture did not get posted. Can you try to re-post?

Jack DeAngelis

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Up close bug on wall
Up close bug on wall  
QUESTION: I should also mention that they are only about the size or little bigger than my pinky finger nail.

ANSWER: Picture still did not get posted, I suspect the problem is on AllExpert's end. From your description of the size I'd guess possibly a stink bug. Take a look at this page http://www.livingwithbugs.com/brown_marmorated_stinkbug.html and see if that is close.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: It looks almost like a tiny baby roach. Has antenna.  Its not a stink bug.  I'm sorry the last picture I am able to see...

Both images are posted now. Yes, that is an immature cockroach. When you find the young ones out and exposed like this it often means there's a large population in the walls (the young are pushed out by over-crowding). Treat with one of the professional baits here http://www.livingwithbugs.com/cockroach_control.html as they will work better than baits found at retail stores.

Jack DeAngelis

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