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red/black bugs  
I have asked another expert about this bug in my yard...This is not the bug he thought it may be.

Here was my Q to him:

I recently killed off an ant infestation. Several weeks later a beetle like insect took over and then some. I've never seen them before. They are half red, half black with 3 black horizontal bars on the red half. They never hold still, constantly crawling. They hang out on our cement patio and the side wall of our house. What is this bug and how do I get rid of them?


Thank you for including the image, I would not have guessed correctly otherwise.

These are they nymphs (juveniles, immatures, "babies") of some type of stink bug, shield bug, or related true bug.  The adults likely look very different.  Identifying immature stages of any insect is extremely difficult.

Despite their abundance, true bugs like this are very seldom real pests.  A nuisance, maybe, but not a pest.  Therefore, I am not going to recommend how to "get rid of them."  My whole point being here on AllExperts is to change people's attitudes towards insects, and help them avoid the expense and trouble of pest control in the traditional sense of chemical insecticides, or even professional extermination services.  There are only a handful of insects that warrant such intervention, and, generally speaking, stink bugs are not among them.

Just relax.  See if you can find out what they turn into when they grow up.


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