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victim or portraiture?
victim or portraiture?  

UFB- unidentified flying Bug
UFB- unidentified flyi  
Hey Sir Eaton,

Welcome back. I finally have some time to write in this late hour. But lets see; i think i'll start off with saying it was during the day and i was outside gardening. I got bit; i know i got bit and it stung a little more painful then a mosquito bite. i looked on my arm and found this red winged insect near the bite. i don't know if this was the suspect or not; but i happen to have set some bugs loose out their and i caught it in the tube. sadly; it died. but in all luck i was able to open the delicate wings with out totally obliterating them and take a decent pic of the reddish tint. ( the first picture )

with that being said; that night yet another insect came flying into my lamp on my desk and so it was caught too along with the enormous one inch clicking beetle i found in the bathroom that too. ( of course is the second picture. )

what ever bit or stung me; it still itches a little after two days. i'm not so much worried though; it seems to be going away. especially sense i washed the bites with soap and water and then peroxide. guess it serves me right for digging in the dirt, eh? lol

i only want to know what these are named. i have a few more i'll probably just continue to ask. but i think 2 at a time is good. plus; i would need the e-mail or blog to explain each i don't think 65,000 characters is enough for my extensiveness.

As always; thank you for your time and knowledge. I look forward to answers.



The first image depicts a "toe-winged beetle," genus Ptylodactyla , family Ptylodactylidae.  They do *not* bite, so something else got you.  Here's more on the beetle:

The second image shows some kind of ground beetle, family Carabidae.  This is a huge family, most members of which look like this.  They are mostly predatory on other small insects, but a few feed on seeds of grain crops.

Get well soon!


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