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I have a major problem with the biting midges.  I cant get rid of them. they look like a small mosquito in adult form.  i cant see them when they are in the early stages but the feel like the ping me all the time.  i get bit a lot and the area becomes very itchy.  I feel like ive tried everything to get rid of them. any suggestions or thoughts would be a great help.  

Hi Marie
I am sorry to say that you cannot get rid of biting insects becaues they are a part of our environment. All we can do is keep them out of our house and keep them off of our skin when we go outside. You are having problems with midges called no-see-ums. When you do go outside avoid strong smelling soups or perfumes and use a repellant spray with DEET if necessary. There are some natural insect sprays that may work.

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