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last week i woke up one morning with what i assumed was yet another mosquito bite on my stomach. I didn't think anything of it because i do have a container garden outside my bedroom window which doesn't do much for keeping out the smaller insects, and i also run in the afternoons so it was possible to have one on my stomach. it wasn't until the evening that i realized at least 2 of my most recent "mosquito" bites, including the one on my stomach didn't really itch but were kinda sore. at this point i did the whole bed bug freak out dance and tore apart the bed and room. this is when i found the bug in the photo on the mattress. i wasn't and haven't been able to find anything else as far as live bugs or shed skins are concerned nor have i seen any of the tell tale blood or fecal stains. I have been fighting a loosing battle with fungus gnats and fruit flies everywhere in my apartment and have seen a few tiny beetles near my windows. also before all of this i had a cat flea scare 2 weeks back but both pets are treated monthly and i treated the carpet in my bedroom. around the same time i also had recently disposed of a worn shag rug in my living room also around the same time i realized i have a black ant issue in the living area. FINALLY i've also seen several roaches in my kitchen recently which has also been addressed. i'm really not a messy or dirty person contrary to all the bugs living in my apartment, however i do have neighbors who leave trash outside their doors at night. I recently had my apartment retreated and spoke to the pco about the bug found and he pretty much laughed and said it was a leaf (with legs apparently) and when told i did have some unknown bites he said well maybe a flea then. I've treated the room with some food grade de and i had thankfully already schedule new mattress and box springs to be delivered both are encased now. clothing and linens have been laundered and yes i am that ocd. i have gotten several new bites all of which were scattered on both legs, however i spend at least half of my time outdoors with the pool, garden and dog and the bites haven't been clustered or in a line at all. I did ask on another site and the two responses were some sort of larvae/ pupae or a possible stain even though i specifically said i picked it and placed it in a bag. this image might be a little hard to see. the bug was super paper thin with a lot of tiny horizontal bands that made it look like thread and had what seemed to be a vertical line down the middle and the ridges were more noticeable at the bottom where the darker lines appear. any help you could shed on this would be SO tremendously appreciated and i could finally stop looking for bugs at every spot and speckle. thank you!

Hi Ashley
I do not recognize what insect this is from your photo. It certainly is not a bedbug and I really do not think this causing the bites My advice to you is similar to others that have the same problem as you do. You should consult a dermatologist about the bites you are receiving. My experience with such things suggests that you have to rue out an allergic reaction. Until I see evidence that bugs are the culprits I can only conclude that this is a medical problem and not a bug problem. You are spending a lot of time and money obsessing about insects.
I am sorry that I cannot help you but I am not a doctor.  Good luck

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