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this morning at 4 am I awoke to a bug in my ear! it was a beetle. I killed 3 different beetles before bed on my tv. (it was the only light source, and our screen door was cracked open so I also killed like 30 lacewings!) when I grabbed the bug, it died and I was terrified it was a bed bug! (only because I have a fear of them, but after I looked, it was a beetle) it has a head and a body. the "face" was black along with a triangle like shape on the back of its head. the body had 2 black circles, one on each wing and a shape near the butt that looks like a V or possibly a W.. the rest of its body was lighter brownish to a rustyish color. I found one picture and I have searched all day! does this sound like a click beetle? my phone will not take clear pictures, but if you look on this site, someone posted the picture under light brown click beetle with black markings. Not sure why it was in my ear unless it was attracted to the tv as well and I happened to be in the path. (tv was on while I was asleep) please help!

Hi misty
Unfortunately  without seeing this there is not much I can tell you except that beetles only enter ears by accident. this could have been a click beetle.
As to the lacewings I think you are calling something  else a lacewing. Lacewings do not congregate in groups

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