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I've found a couple of strange beetle looking things in my dad's house recently and I'm trying to find out what they are. I just stumbled across a question asked a couple of years ago about the comb clawed beetle and looking at those pictures and others I've found it looks exactly like the ones I've found. They're pretty much identical, I've found a couple on the ceiling and even though they look like they have wings I've never seen them fly. That's all I can tell from examining them up close. The only thing is in the question you answered that nice Lady lives in Arizona, we live in Yorkshire in England, which is a very different climate. I have only found them this summer when the high was about 19 degrees Celsius I don't know if that helps? I've done some more research but even though it's really interesting I can't find anything solid because of where we live and alot of the stuff I've found is about America. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if I might be on to something. Thank you.


I'm sorry but I don't recall the earlier question. However, the common name "comb-claw beetle" is used for a number of similar, related ground beetles. I would not be surprised if you have either the same or a closely related species in your area. If you are near London the British Museum has an excellent Entomology Department and museum and, I believe, an insect identification service.

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