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I am looking for particular info and having a hard time finding it.  We have a flea infestation in the crawl space under our house.  13 days ago we sealed off the crawl space after teapping a raccoon, but the fleas are still in there (and also in the garage since there is access (closed to critters but not sealed)...garage is kept closed at all times.  If we are assuming they have no food but are continuing to hatch and fully emerge because our vibrations right above them are triggering them...how long before the population starves off?  At what point do we assume they have another host that we are unaware of?

Thank you soooooooooo much for your insight!


Hi Nicole,

I am sorry to hear about your flea problem. Fleas live 2-3 months usually, but if they don't have food, they will die much sooner. Are you sure they don't have any other food (mice, squirrels, etc.)?

You might consider spraying under the house. There are a number of insect sprays you can use. Natural products that fleas don't like are cedar wood chips and eucalyptus, although natural products aren't as reliable as bug spray in getting rid of pests.

Also, clearing any brush around the house will help.

Good luck,

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