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Green worms on Leaf
Green worms on Leaf  
Thank you for taking time to help provide me with any and all information regarding the dozens upon dozens of little green worms or caterpillars that are swiftly killing my Weeping Cherry in front of our home.  I live in Centreville, Virginia, USA.  hope you are able to view the image I've attached and that it helps in identifying this insect.  Most of our tree is brown and dead and what is still green is covered in these worms.  Is there any way to kill these and save our tree?  Can these insects get into our home since the tree is up against our concrete steps leading into our front door?
Thanks so much in advance for your help!


Hi Kristin
These are moth caterpillars but I cannot tell you what kind from these photos because they change as they mature. If I were there to look at your tree I could tell you more My identification does not solve your problem anyway. Spray the leaves with a pyrethrum based spray. If more of them still hatch spray them again..If this does not work you may have to consult a tree expert. Be careful when you choose someone to  treat your tree.

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