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I have in my garden 1-3 iridescent green insects, like small bumble bees, standing in the air like a helicopter, and an entire can of bug spray has not killed it.
My young Dobie has been stung 4x, (before I used any spray) and cries pitifully, but is not usually very pain sensitive, so it must be very painful.
The sting develops into a mount of 2-3 cm high, perfectly round.
One other dog has also been stung.
The creature seems to like dog poo and urine.  I pick up several times a day and have not been stung.
I looked at some ID photos, and it is very similar to the "Orchid Bee", but my orchids are in the front of the house.
Also, it seems to be able to sting more than once.
I live in Mexico, on the north shore of the Chapala Lake, south
of Guadalajara.
Normally, I would leave them alone, but since my dogs are being stung and now afraid to go out, I must destroy them.  I cannot spray poison, because all of my dogs eat the grass, and I do not want to kill all the others, butterflies, hummingbird, bees etc.
Please help!

Hi Tettah
You have described the Metallic Green bee but I cannot be sure without seeing one. these bees are capable of stinging but are usually not aggressive and I have never of them attacking dogs. I remember being stung by green bees as a kid but the sings were not very painful and never raised a welt.
I do not know what to tell you about controlling them. Killing flying bugs outside is almost impossible. You may try Boric acid powder or cedar oil where they congregate. Both of these insecticides cannot harm the dogs.

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