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Red spiders on trap
Red spiders on trap  

Red spider
Red spider  
Hello! Sorry, I sent the last email without the here they are. I live in Illinois, and I had a sticky trap down in the basement and I just found a bunch of these red spiders on it. One of them looks like it was pregnant too. I am wondering if you can tell me what type of spider this is? My 7 year old daughter suffered some serious complications from a spider bite a couple of months ago, and now she has gotten additional bites on her arms, legs and face that have swelled up. I originally thought that they were mosquito bites and she was having an allergic reaction to them, but now I am concerned that these are also spider bites. Any help you can provide in figuring out what type of spider this is would be greatly appreciated


Ah, ok, this is much better.  I can tell you that the spiders are "Woodlouse Hunters," Dysdera crocata , and are *not* dangerously venomous to the average, healthy human.  Here's my blog post about them:

The first image also shows a ground beetle, genus Scarites , and a House Centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata , likewise not dangerous.  Apparently there are plenty of prey insects and woodlice in your basement!

My previous comments on "spider bites" still apply.


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