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Are midges the same thing as mosquitos? I've been checking references to different facts online, while some sites refer to a midge another site will refer to a mosquito in the same scenario and I'm wondering are they wrong or both cases correct?

E.g. Biting midges pollinate cacao plants v. Mosquitos pollinate cacao plants


The short answer is "sort of". The term "midge" can be used used to describe all of the primitive flies like gnats, midges, and mosquitoes. However, "midge" more commonly refers to specific types such as chronomid midges (Chironomidae) or biting midges (Ceratopogonidae). This is the problem with common names, they can be confusing and not very precise. Mosquitoes are in a completely separate group. I'm not aware of midges as pollinators but I could be wrong.

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