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Bug Bite
Bug Bite  
Just a heads up-this is a question about what bit me so if you cannot answer, I totally understand! The other day I was bit by something. When I smashed it I had blood on my hands so it is clearly some sort of blood eater. The weird thing was that it did not swell like a mosquito bite. Instead it swelled and then  the bite proceeded to appear to drip down my arm. It grew in size for the next few days and I even felt a little sick. The dripping swelled as well as if it was dripping down the inside of my arm. Eventually some good old Benadryl cream stopped the swelling and the itching and burning and it has now faded to a very light brown. The bumps where the bites were are still risen a bit. The great debate in my house is what it was that bit me. I've attached a picture of what the bite looks like! It isn't the best of quality. This is probably a picture from day 3. I mangled the bug a little too much initially and was not thinking about snapping a picture at the time. Thanks for reading and considering!

Hi Brooke
I cannot tell much from the bite. That is a job for a dermatologist. It seems to me that this a medical problem rather then a bug problem. If the rash does not go away and you still feel bad you should see a doctor.
The only insect that feeds on blood and causes a problem like this is an Assassin bug,or Wheel bug.  Find a photo of one and let me know if it looked like this

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