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Mystery bug
Mystery bug  

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Mystery bug 2  
Hi, I would like you to identify this insect for me. This insect came in through my window i believe and was flying around my room. It looked intimidating and i saw it was large and had a stoner so i was worried it might come after me or try to sting me. It looks slightly like a wasp but skinnier and longer and less menacing. It scared the crap out of me, but i managed to hit it with my shoe. This did not kill it, however it can no longer fly. This was at night time and i live in the middle of the city, although there usa park a few blocks away. If you could let me know what it is, that would be great. Thanks.

Hi Maria
This is a type of wasp that apparently entered your house by accident It was apparently as surprised as you that it was there. You were in no danger as long as you did pick it up which  I am sure you were not tempted to do. This looks like one of the wasps that parisitizes other insects


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