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Hello! I live in Michigan and have found several of these creepy crawly guys in the last 2 weeks. They were found in the bottom of laundry baskets, bathroom baseboard, entry way carpet, under a pile of clothes to be washed. At first (after research) I thought it was a carpet beetle. However, after MORE research, this guy appears more elongated than the carpet beetle larvae I have found online. NOTE- there was also a dead one in the container and this one ATE IT! EWE! lol
I'd LOVE to know EXACTLY what is in my house, so I know how to best combat further infestation. I'm cleaning EVERYTHING and no more laundry on the floor! (teen boys!)


I am betting they are *still* carpet beetle larvae, maybe in the genus Attagenus , as their larvae are somewhat different from Anthrenus spp.:


The other "larva" that the one ate may have simply been the shed "skin" of another larva.

Do you have pets?  Carpet beetles subsist quite easily on only a small amount of accumulated shed hair of pets and people, plus wool blankets and garments, dry pet food, basically any dry product of animal origin.  Even the cleanest of homes can have, or will have, carpet beetles at some point.


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