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Hi, recently I awoke to find a large beetle or bug just laying on my arm.  I panicked and swiped it off me. It bit me and I could not locate it again.  The thing is it felt like a painful sting like a nail going in my skin.  I was sore all day.  I live in Manitoba Canada out in a rural area.  It looked like a beetle that was an inch or more long.  I'm just freaked out to go to bed. Any help would help loads.  Thanks


There are only a few insects that cause the level of pain you describe. Bees and wasps are the most familiar and there are a few others like assassin bugs and giant water bugs, and some ants. From your description I'd bet you encountered an assassin bug. You might want to google that name and look at pictures. The bites are not venomous but VERY painful (some people describe it "like an electric shock").

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