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Small flying bug
Small flying bug  

Small flying bug
Small flying bug  
Hello! I have these really small bugs flying around in my kitchen, bathroom and family room and I don't know what they are. I thought they were Knats at first because they're that small but they don't have the same coloring.  Knats usually seem to go away when you throw away old fruit and these bugs have been around for days. It was hard for me to take pictures because of how small they are but I tried. They're a brownish red tint with clear wings. I hope you can help me, thank you so much!

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for the question and photos. I know it is difficult to get photos of very small insects, but even blurry photos can help with an identification. I can't definitively identify the insect from these photos because they are blurry, but I can give you my best guess.

I think you are correct that these are not gnats. The brownish-red color, size, body shape and clear wings, along with your description make me think you have fruit flies. Fruit flies have either bright red or dark red eyes, so if what you have has red eyes, then you probably have fruit flies.

Good thinking to throw away old fruit! You may also want to try cleaning up any other source of food they may be accessing. There are some good suggestions on this website: http://www.generalpest-ohio.com/pest-identification/fruit-flies.phtml


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