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I have found what I'm pretty sure is carpet Beatle larve (I don't have a picture but they're small, brown and a little fuzzy) in my house over the last couple weeks (about 5 in total) in various places (tile floor, hardwood floor, dining room table). Is it possible to just have a few come in the house from outside? or is there likely an infestation somewhere? I keep a tidy house, no pets etc but from what I've read they can find lots to eat in any house. We have had very very heavy rains the last few weeks and they tend to show up with the rains.


Carpet beetles are not associated with rain or wet weather unlike some other household pests. It is also unlikely that they came in from outside. There's probably a small infestation somewhere inside, the trick is to find it. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for some suggestions. Spilled or discarded food such as crackers or cookies (do you have kids?) is a good place to start looking. It only takes a small amount of food (a few Cheerios for example) to start an infestation.

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