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Under finger nail
Under finger nail  

Looks like same thing
Looks like same thing  
For six months now I have had some sensations of something crawling on my skin in my nose ears. I also's CD smal smalls patches of skin moving. Though they're all over my body the most affected areas seem to be my fingertips and my scalp. Fingertips have a clear layer of something that seems to not be like my skin I live in southern Ontario near Niagara Falls this is ruined my life my marriage relationships job if you could help here's some photos. They seem to be more active at night but still active during the day sometimes I get brief periods of breaks that is after intense cleaning and washing with some sort of scabies treatment.


Since there are no insects or mites that do what you describe my guess is you are dealing with a medical issue that only appears to be an insect/mite. I don't see anything in the attached images that looks like an insect or a mite. Have you seen a medical doctor with these complaints? Sometimes crawling sensations can be caused by allergies or even extreme emotional stress. I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

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