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For some time now we have been plagued with something that has been biting us. So far, nothing we have tried has helped.
A a couple months ago my wife felt something that appeared to crawl on her skin, then a small pinch or bite. This continues to this day though we never seem to see anything. Shortly after my wife started having this, I noticed the same thing. We finally started to use lint rollers whenever we felt the crawling or biting. In most cases, after looking at the roller with a 10x magnifier, we see something that looks like lint. Initially, thinking it was lint, we ignored it. However, after numerous times we continue to see the lint on the roller after a bite.

Looking on the internet, I saw  something that looks a lot like what we see in the magnifier. Though what we see is more white, its pretty close. Unfortunately, there was no clear decision on these websites to what it is. They've said everything from Lacewing larva to various mites.

My wife has always kept the house extremely clean. She did feed the wild birds for several years. She stopped when this started in case it was something from the birds. We originally thought it might be some sort of mite, but it wont go away.

Were on the verge of leaving our home, hoping that if we leave long enough whatever it is might die. Can you help us?


I can't tell you exactly what is causing these sensations but I can assure you with 100% confidence that it is not related to insects or mites. I, and the other experts here, get many questions like yours every month. It is frustrating because we can't give a definitive answer except to say that there are no mites or insects that do what you (and many others) describe. My own belief is that it is related to respiratory and food allergies (and in your case perhaps the power of suggestion), and in fact most experts feel the same way. I would suggest discussing this with your family MD. If your wife can reduce her symptoms my guess is your symptoms might subside as well. Good luck.

Jack DeAngelis

P.S. I would strongly suggest not visiting those websites that talk about "living lint" and so forth, especially if they are selling something.

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