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Hello, i hope you can help with this, it is a kind of obscure question.

I built a pond which was meant to be for dragonflies, but raccoons keep destroying the plants.

I want to put some kind of cage or mesh over it,

similar to this:

I still want the dragonflies to get through. I guessed that vertical bars might be better than horizontal because dragonflies are used to flying through reeds?

anyways, do you know if there is there a minimum gap they will fly through?

Hi James
I have been thinking about your plan for a pond and covering it. For dragonflies you would certainly need covers like those shown in the web site you sent me.
 As for raising dragon flies I have some comments to make. Just building a pond is one thing but for dragonflies you would have to create the whole ecosystem which in my mind would be a thankless task. The dragonfly is a predator. The nymphs must have an aquatic bottom where they can hide and prey they can feed on. They feed on mosquito larvae worms and other insects. Mosquitos will surely lay eggs in your pond. Now once the adults emerge they must have an environment where there are flying insects for them to capture. The mosquito life history would  take care of that but probably not in large enough numbers. How are you going to be sure they will return to the pond to lay eggs. I suspect that they would seek greener pastures I think that you have to constantly capture nymphs and place them in your pond.
In natural situations no creature are isolated. Predatory insects are links in the ecosystem.
I had an outdoor pond for a while  and put crayfish and plants. Raccoons can tell if a crayfish or fishes are in a pond. They cleaned out my pond quickly including the plants
Sorry for sounding discouraging James.

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