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Unknown bug
Unknown bug  
I have lived in Texas my entire life and this is the first time I seen this bug. They latch onto the skin. When trying to remove the bug you have to use tweezers. They are not borrowed in the skin. When you pull them away from the skin they pull a piece of skin with them. If this has anything to help identify this bug, it makes a popping sound when released from the skin. They move pretty fast. This bug does not have any significant markings. I really do think its a tick but I'm not sure if I'm correct.

Yes, it is a tick.  Notice the 8 legs.  Insects have only 6 legs.  Caution -ticks can carry Lyme disease in parts of the country.  If you get a "bulls eye" rash around the tick bite, see a doctor within 2 or 3 days.  Save the tick in case the doctor needs to test it for Lyme disease.  You can google "Lyme Disease" to see maps of where it has spread, and what the rash looks like.

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