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Hi there,
I've recently moved into an apartment in New York city (from New Zealand). As I was signing my lease they informed me that the floor I'm on had an infestation of bed bugs within the last 12 months - they've apparently fixed the issue.
Over the last two weeks I've had bites...they appear to be mosquito bites (I'm allergic to mosquitoes, so they're quite swollen - most have disappeared). They're scattered - a few on the leg, stomach, arms (about six in total).
Of course I've jumped to the conclusion they're bed bugs! I've checked my mattress so many times, but can't see any evidence. I also went to the pharmacy to see if they could tell what type of bite they were...and they said they didn't look like bed bugs, as they were singular and scattered.
Then I found two black bugs - please see attached. I found them on the floor of my bedroom and the other in the bathroom.
Are they bed bugs? Or something else? They look beetle like, and appear to have wings?
I'm becoming quite paranoid, and wish I'd not moved in...knowing that they had bed bugs in this apartment building. It's a really clean apartment, well kept. I hope they resolved the bed bug issue properly!
Hope you can help.


This is a beetle, not a bed bug. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for a picture of a bed bug for comparison. The images are too dark to id further but they may be one of the common so-called "pantry pests" like cigarette beetles.

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