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Not sure where you are with Melittology or Apiculture since your area is pests, but I have some bees or wasps that have become pests. We have a new baby in the house so we had not used our back deck in some time, leaves piled up from fall. Finally went out today to move them off the deck and got swarmed as I raked up the wet leaves. No pictures for you at this time, and I know I can deal with whatever is outside. My issue now is the rogues that followed me back in. I got stung a half a dozen times or so, and a few got inside. They flew where I could not get to them, now they've calmed down and I am not sure where they all went. We live in the Mid-Atlantic region, along the Chesapeake Bay. How long can these things survive in my house with food & water? They do have some sort of light & dark banding on their bodies. No longer than an inch in length. Once I catch or kill one, I can give you a better visual. My main concern is we have a one year old child and a cat in the house, and I am concerned about how long our "intruders" will be a threat. Thanks.

Dear Doug - First off, these insects usually are aggressive only when their nest is disturbed, as in when you moved the leaves on your deck, so the chances of being stung by the ones that made it inside is quite low unless you were actually pick up sit on, or vigorously swat at one of them. We frequently have wasps enter our house during the summer, and we've yet to be stung by any of them. If they have access to food and/or water, they may hang about for quite some time, so you might just try capturing ones you see with a vacuum cleaner.

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