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I am Sandy. I live in Canada and I've been taking care of my friends dog for two weeks now.
I found a bug on the dog and later I found one trotting around on my laptop screen.
I am worried about being bit by these bugs and falling sick .
Please let me know you emailId and I would email the pic of the bug that i captured.
I want to identify the bug so that I can take the precautionary measures for me and the dog.

ANSWER: First of all Sandy, the chances of your being bitten and sickened by a bug bite in Canada are slim to none. I do not think the dog had much to do with it. A tick could be on a dog but would not be on a computer. I will have see the bug you mentioned before I can tell you much.
Send me the photo to my e-mail address or attach it to one of these queries. Also let me know what part of Canada you live in. Some insects are territorial.

e-mail  waltjh@sbcglobal.net


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: okay. I didn't see the attach image link when I posted the question last time.
I am attaching it now.
I've asked around and most people seem to agree that it is a tick .. I am in a dillema, If i should get myself tested for lyme disease because I have not found tick on my body yet.

Hi Sandy
Now that I see this I agree that it is a tick but it does not like like a Deer Tick that spreads lyme disease. But  then I cannot actually examine it up close. It is quite likely that the dog has brought them in Get a tick repellant for the dog and examining him occasionally. Stop freaking out. As long as you have not been bitten and there would be a mark you cannot get lyme disease and if this were a deer tick they do not all carry it.
So,  Treat the dog and then examine yourself for any bite marks. Relax


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