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  About a month ago I found a couple little fury worms in my hallway (hardwood floor) I did a little research and they looked like carpet beetle larve. About a week went by till I saw another on my coffee table on a different floor, then again nothing for a few weeks. Monday I found one on my kitchen floor so I scooped him up and put him in a Baggie for my exterminator to look at. He just came by and confirmed it's a carpet beetle but said since I've only seen a few he doesn't want to spray inside. I don't want to spray either if it's not needed but I'm afraid these little guys are infesting the house. I have looked everywhere to see if I can find where they're coming from or even any damage from them...nothing. I've checked all the closets, blankets, drawers, furniture, rugs etc. it's also worth noting I'm a clean freak, I vacuum every single day. Where do I go from here? Is it possible to just have a few larve without an infestation? I've also never seen a beetle.

Hi Kristin
First of all I must congratulate you on finding an honest exterminator. i am usually pretty hard on them because they often cannot tell one bug from another and then spray whether it needs it or not.
  Carpet beetles are dermestid beetles and will feed on some food products as well as other organic materials so you should check your dried foods in your kitchen cupboards.
You may also get some pyrethrum based insect spray and spray around your baseboards.
I am surprised you have not seen any adults. Just keep getting rid of any that you see. So far you are doing everything right. Let me know what happens

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