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This sounds crazy, but I seriously hope you can help. Every time I allow my boyfriend to sleep at my house I end up with what feels like lice, but it's not. Or at least I don't think it is. They get in my hair and are so very small it takes weeks to get them out. I've used lice shampoo, and that doesn't work, I tried medicine for everything, including medicine if it was in my mind, which its not. They are tiny tiny black fit looking mites with black dots on them. The only time you can see them is in a very close metal lice comb. If I don't shave other parts of my body, they travel. My boyfriend works with very dirty people but us not dirty himself. When I keep him away I'm fine. He has a dog with an undiagnosed skin condition, also. J truly think its some type if mite. I shower with tea tree oil shampoo and body wash. I've done lice treatments, permetherine, nothing works for weeks. What can be done? Is the somewhere I can send the stuff collected in my comb? I don't want this to end our relationship but it is. Thank you.


The good news is that there are no mites that do what you describe. If you have collected something and you want it examined under magnification try the local county Extension office ( They will be able to send it to the state university for id. My guess is you are experiencing some type of allergic reaction, perhaps to something that your boyfriend works with such as a chemical. These allergic reactions can often feel "creepy-crawly". Try asking your boyfriend to shower and put on clean cloths after work, before you come into contact with him. If you don't react it is probably something he is picking up at work.

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