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QUESTION: Can you please identify this bug (photo of dead bugs attached). It seems to crawl under and around screen edges. It can fly, it is very small - approx 1/4 inch long. Looks like a somewhat soft slightly beetle shape, not an ant or wasp body. It has a strong, slightly lemon perfume smell when squished.

We live in downtown Portland, Oregon right on the Park Blocks. The bugs first showed up last spring, living and breeding between screen and window. I taped window shut. A few found another window to enter. Very little action during winter. This spring they came and there have been more than ever. I don't like killing bugs and wish to know what they are, and how to nicely but effectively discourage them from entering apartment.

thank you very much for offering this service
Cynthia - Aug 18th, 2015

ANSWER: Cynthia:

Thanks for including the images.  Unfortunately, they all show the underside of the insect, and I am having a very difficult time reaching an identification without a dorsal (top) view.

This could easily be an introduced species from Europe or elsewhere that I am not aware of yet, or that I don't recognize from the images provided.

I have to rule out Boxelder bugs on the basis of the odor alone.  Boxelder bugs have no odor.

Please feel free to take pictures of the top (back) of the insect and re-submit or ask a follow-up question.  Otherwise, take specimens to the Oregon State Department of Agriculture in Salem.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

hopefully the attached picture of the top of this bug helps you identify it.
thank you again,


I am still baffled.  Please take (or send) intact specimens to Jim LaBonte at Oregon Dept. of Agriculture in Salem.  Tell him I sent you, and please ask him to tell me what this is.  I'm sure I haven't heard the last of it, whatever it turns out to be.


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