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2nd spider
2nd spider  
1st spider
1st spider  
QUESTION: I recently move into a home in Virginia and in my bathroom in the last few nights around the same time, after sunset when it gets cooler, I find these 2 spiders coming from the crevice of the wall and bath tub. I've heard there have been some wolf spiders and hobo spiders seen in Virginia which makes me think one of these is one of them but I am no where near a spider enthusiast. Would you be able to identify these 2 spiders that I have attached pictures of? Could they possibly be the same?

ANSWER: Andrew,

The 1st picture is a wolf spider the second may by one of the house spiders (there are several species) but it is not a hobo spider. Hobo spiders don't occur in Virginia (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/hobo_spider.html for a map of their distribution in the US). To get a species-level identification of either of these spiders they would have to be examined under magnification.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I won't hold you responsible to this, but what would be your recommendation on how to get rid of spiders in the house? I've read about insecticides and pesticides but most say they do not kill spiders but may reduce their infestation.

No problem. The best way to manage any of the indoor spiders is with sticky traps, not insecticides. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/spider_tp.html for sources of these traps and a homemade version. Place traps behind furniture, along the walls where spiders crawl. Replace traps when they get covered with debris.

Jack DeAngelis

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