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Flying Swarm
Flying Swarm  
On 8-20-14, about a half hour before full dark, a swarm of these annoying flies landed on everyone and everything at a bike show in town on a hilltop. They did NOT bite, they just crawled on skin. Their wings were clear and rounded, and people have said it was a flying ant or weird type of mosquito (but those bite, these didn't). I've looked up images of flying ants and none look quite like these, which have wider wings and longer bodies. The Colorado flying ant was the closest image to mine I could find. http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4DMG/Pests/flyant.htm

PS: You may use my image for further identification beyond my question, I just regret I didn't get a closer macro.

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These are ants. The photo is of a Drone or male ant. Periodically the drone develop wings and leave the nest in search of a Queen to mate with.Of course most of them are unsuccessful. They then lose the wings and die. They are unwelcome back in the nest and usually die  I cannot tell you the species from a photo

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