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Red Wasp
Red Wasp  
Hi I am from the South Australia and recently had these little waspy things buzzing around my porch and coming inside towards my light. I have a kitty who loves to try and catch them.

Is this picture a Wasp Wednesday: Netelia? if not what is it and are they dangerous to my cats, or me. and why on earth are they coming in on a night time attracted to the light? Do I have something that is attracting them? ould really love to hear how I can deter them, or if they are friendly and god for some part of my garden, then keep them coming.


Hi, Kim:

Thanks for including the nice image with your question.

It is definitely a female ichneumon wasp, but I have no idea which species you have in Australia.  I suspect they are nocturnal because the caterpillars they are parasites of are *also* active at night.

At least some of the nocturnal ichneumons *can* sting, but unless you physically grab one, you won't get stung.  Even then, the sting is weak, a little painful, but otherwise not anything life-threatening or anything.

Hope this puts your mind at ease.  I'm sure you garden is thriving because you are respectful of all the creatures living in it :-)

Thank you so much for following my blog, too!  I hope to get to Australia at some point, to visit friends I know through Project Noah, and see all the wonderful wildlife there.



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