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The last two weeks I've noticed (and killed) about 6 or so bugs I've identified as black ground beetles in my basement. I haven't noticed them anywhere else in my house. They weren't hidden, just walking across the basement floor, or already dead from my two bug-killer cats. I've been in the house for 6 years and haven't had them in the past. Should I worry about this? Is this an indication of a nest somewhere in my house? With the cats, I have to be careful what kinds of insect repellents I use around the house. I'm sure being that it's a house built in the 1950's there are plenty of cracks for them to be coming in from the outside. Should I just wait it out or do something (call an exterminator?)?

Hi Liz
There are over 2000 species of ground beetles in the US and almost all of them are predators on other insects. Personally I would not consider a few of them in my basement a problem. If they bother you just sweep them up. I would just ignore them myself. If  such a thing happening you suddenly found yourself overrun with beetles that is another story but I have never heard of. I would avoid calling an exterminator at any rate.


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